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Recommended Gear: SAR Tracker 1 Class

  • Always wear appropriate layers of clothing to include a hat

  • Sun glasses

  • Sturdy hiking boots

  • Sun screen and bug spray, if appropriate

  • Small pack with food and water. The class consists of mostly field work, so bring appropriate amount of water and snacks for this period

  • ​Tracking Stick - Must be 38 - 42" long made of light material such as a wooden dowel or ski pole

  • Signal mirror 

  • Hand held flashlight for night tracking- white fluorescent between 500 - 1000 lumens

  • Knee pads

  • Pencil, pen and paper

  • Surgical gloves, 2 pair 

  • Extra batteries for flashlight

  • One package (100) wooden skewers- you can buy these at Walmart, grocery stores or craft stores

  • Florescent spray paint - red or orange













Spray the skewers about a third - half of the way from the end (opposite the pointed end) with the paint. These will be used in field tracking.


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