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We travel to your location to make the training work with your terrain and what you will actually encounter during a search or mission.

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Training to prepare SAR members for urban, rural and night tracking under “ideal” conditions. This course is for the SAR or law enforcement person that has the desire to become a tracker for the purpose of Search & Rescue. It is an intensive course with 4 hours of classroom and 16 hours in the field. Based on Jack Kearney’s “Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How” and developed with his consent, this course teaches all the basics.


This 20 hour basic class is the foundation to all of our classes.

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An introduction to methods of cutting for sign. Course content includes:

Team tactics used for sign cutting

Management of sign cutting resources

Sign cutting techniques for day tracking

Sign cutting techniques for night tracking


This 20 hour class is a fantastic way to learn a skill that can cut significant time from a search using these techniques.

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 A natural progression to SAR Tracker 1 is a 20 hour class comprised of all field training to put your skills to the test and learn new techniques to refine your skills as a tracker.


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Continue to improve your sign cutting abilities with this 20 hour in the field class. Learn new techniques to expedite your search capabilities. 


For Law Enforcement & SAR Members

Training for SAR members who enter crime scenes to locate, identify, track and/or preserve crime scenes and evidence.

This course is for the highly motivated professional SAR or law enforcement person that has the desire to become a crime tracker for the purpose of assisting law enforcement in investigation of tracks and sign at crime scenes.


It is an intensive 20 hour course. All applicants must have a letter from their sponsoring law enforcement agency in order to participate. 

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