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Tracking is not a lost art, but rather an underutilized modern science. Let us show you how. Together we can make a difference.

Fernando Moreira's Worldwide Trackers provides expert training in visual tracking, consultations and deployment in the field across the United States and worldwide.


We customize each class to take into account your personnel and the terrain they will encounter to best perform skill sets learned when on the job as a volunteer, contractor, law enforcement officer or while serving in the military.


Please contact us for more information. We offer a wide variety of classes with attractive pricing. 

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About US

Our History

For more than 35 years, Fernando Moreira has trained trackers from Search & Rescue Teams, law enforcement officers, military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts across the United States as well as in several foreign countries.

He initially became interested in the art of man-tracking while serving in the Portuguese army in Angola. He has utilized his skill in tracking on a nearly daily basis since then.

Fernando has also assisted law enforcement officers in finding crucial evidence in many high-profile missing persons and homicide cases across the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. 

We’re proud to have produced years of happy clients and students and look forward to continuing our work for years to come! Our love for tracking and helping others drives who we are and what we do. Every. Single. Day.

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